RDK TM : a tool to accelerate the diagnosis and care of rare diseases




The result of a unique public-private partnership between Orphanet (INSERM US14), Tekkare®, and As We Know®, RDKTM (Rare Disease Knowledge) is the first web and mobile app for health professions aimed at tackling the diagnostic odyssey faced by people with a rare disease.

This connected medical device (class 1*) uses data and expertise from Orphanet so as to help health professions in identifying potential rare disease(s), providing access to the most up-to-date available knowledge on them, and also orientating professions to expert healthcare providers so as to shorten the journey to diagnosis.

RDKTM has 3 main features:

  • - Search by sign or symptom, helping the healthcare professional make the first step to identifying a potential rare disease.
  • - Find the expert centres able to diagnose and advise on care of the rare disease(s) identified.
  • - Access up-to-date knowledge on rare diseases through summary sheets

RDKTM is a free, easy-to-use application that does not collect any personal data from the patient/professional. It does not establish a definitive diagnosis.

RDKTM (Rare Disease Knowledge) is available as a web app via rdk.asweknow.com and as a mobile app via the App Store (only in France) and Google Play